What to Consider When Choosing an Air Rifle


Today, determining the right air rifle to buy can be quite difficult. Given the dozens of air rifles in the market, it is not surprising that many first-time archers have a difficult time finding the right one for them. You have to sort through dozens of models from manufacturers and read reviews to find the best rifle for you. However, information overload may leave you unable to decide the best gun for you.

To determine the right air rifle for you, it’s important to know the features to look for. There are different factors you should consider before buying an air rifle. Here are some things to consider whether you need a gun for target shooting or pest control.

Intended Use of the Air Gun

It is important to know what you will be using the rifle for before starting to evaluate the variety of models in the market. Air manufacturers usually target specific market segments with their products. For example, some rifles are meant for competition target shooting while others may be designed for hunting.

There are some guns that are multi-purpose. Just make sure that your most intended use is covered. Generally, you should look for an air rifle that can be used 50 percent for target shooting and 50 percent for pest control. Learn more about shooting at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting.

Distance You Will be Shooting

The next thing to find out is the distance that the rifle can shoot effectively. There are four main categories of air guns: Light, Medium, High Magnum and Super Magnum. The high powered rifles are generally referred to as “magnum” rifles. Magnum refers to high powered rifles while Super Magnum refers to extra high powered ones.

You should buy a light powered gun is you will mainly be hunting, plinking or target shooting under 35 yards. The light powered rifles are specifically designed for short distance shootings. You can plink of target shoot with the guns at any distance but you will get the best results when shooting at less than 35 yards. You will need a medium powered air rifle is you will be target shooting up to 50 yards. Finally, when you need to target shoot at distances up to 80 yards, the best rifles to use are the super powered ones.

Your intended shooting distance should help you know the ideal amount of power your rifle should be capable of delivering. Check this link to know more!

Consider the Type of Air Rifle

The last thing to determine is the type of air rifle to purchase. Gas rams, springers and PCP are among the common air rifles you can purchase.

Follow this three tips above to find the right air rifle.


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